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Glow Biome

A probiotic designed to promote healthy skin from within*

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Glow Biome is an advanced skin probiotic supplement that contains 15 billion CFU of 6 probiotic strains that target the gut-skin axis to support better digestion and clearer, healthier skin from within.*

It also contains prebiotic fiber and is delivered in a vegetarian delayed-release capsule to enhance potency.


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that support our health in various ways. Glow Biome is formulated with 15 Billion CFU of 6 targeted strains that support the gut-skin axis.

  • Supports clearer, healthier skin*
  • Supports digestion* 
  • Eases occasional bloating*
  • Supports regularity*
  • Supports a healthy gut barrier*
  • Supports immune health*
  • Supports women's health*

Our products are only made with ingredients that are pure, potent, and purposeful. Every ingredient in Glow Biome is carefully vetted to ensure a high quality product free of unnecessary additives. 

L. rhamnosus SP1 (LSP1): Supports the gut-skin axis. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study, researchers concluded that supplementation with LSP1 for 12 weeks normalized skin expression of genes involved in insulin signaling and improved the appearance of adult acne.* (1

L. plantarum (Lp-115): Supports gut and immune health. May help inhibit common pathogens.* (2)

L. rhamnosus (LGG): One of the most widely used probiotic strains. Supports a well-balanced gut microbiome, a healthy gut barrier, immune health, and the gut-skin axis.* (3)

B. lactis (BLC1): Supports overall digestive health, gut barrier function, and immune health.* (4)

L. paracasei (Lpc-37): Supports gut health, skin homeostasis, and may help manage the psychological and physiological response to stress.* (5

L. acidophilus (La -14): Supports skin clarity, overall digestive health, and immune health.* (67

Inulin (from chicory root): Inulin from chicory root provides prebiotic fiber to help your probiotics colonize within your intestinal tract.

Vegetarian Delayed-Release Capsule (DR Caps®): Our top-of-the-line vegetarian delayed-release capsule helps protect the probiotics from stomach acid, so more probiotics arrive in your intestines alive, where they are needed.* Traditional vegetarian capsules that do not have delayed release properties may result in the destruction of probiotics in the stomach acid rendering them ineffective.  

Organic Rice Fiber: Helps ensure a standardized product. Replaces synthetic anti-caking ingredients like silicon dioxide with a natural alternative, made simply from the outer hull of organic rice.

Organic Rice Extract Blend: Helps ensure a standardized product. Replaces synthetic lubricants and flow agents like magnesium stearate. Made from a combination of powdered organic rice bran, organic gum arabic (sap from the acacia tree), and organic sunflower oil. (This ingredient makes up less than 2% of the product by weight.)


All of our products are made in a NSF-certified facility. That means our manufacturer abides by the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and an independent, third-party verifies the purity and safety of each batch.

We even publish our certificate of analysis. It costs more to manufacture supplements this way, but we feel strongly that it’s the only way.

Our products:

  • contain the ingredients on the label in the amounts listed, and nothing else.
  • are free of unsafe levels of contaminants such as heavy metals or undesirable bacteria.
  • are manufactured at a facility that is GMP registered and audited twice annually for quality and safety by NSF International. Products made in NSF-certified facilities are the supplement industry's gold standard for safety, purity, and accurate dosing.

Our goal is to make sure that you're happy and have the best experience possible with us. That means if our products aren't for you, we'll refund your first bottle from your first order (minus shipping), with proof of purchase, within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

To start a return, you can contact us at hello@kumaglow.co