Ingestible Skincare

Ingestible Skincare

How it Started

It all started with breakouts that would not subside, despite doing *all the things*.

I was frustrated with the amount of time and money spent on topical treatments, and the fact that I was risking very serious side effects on medications that just didn’t work. My skin still wasn’t clear, but now I was always bloated, too. 

I knew I wasn’t alone.

Something Needed to Change

I dove into the research and learned that when you balance any disturbances in your gut health and support your body with the right nutrition, you can achieve clear skin - regardless of what you put on it topically. 

Once I focused on restoring my gut health and improving my diet, my skin cleared up in a matter of months. Blown away by my own transformation I went back to school to study cooking and nutrition, to help others do the same. That was 10 years ago.

As I've continued to research the gut-brain-skin connection, I realized I could not find a probiotic formula that utilized the latest research or key probiotic strains like L. rhamnosus LSP1 that are specifically beneficial for skin clarity and health, so I decided to create my own skin probiotic. 

Glow Biome was Born

Working with an expert group of scientists, we created Glow Biome to support anyone who struggles with skin and gut health. When we can free our minds from worrying about bloat and blemishes, we can go back to focusing on life!

Maria Marlowe, Founder & CEO

What Does Kuma Mean?

Kuma signifies the unity between your sKin, gUt, gut microbioMe, and brAin.

At Kuma, we are focused on delivering products and education that support the gut-brain-skin axis to help you achieve clear, glowing skin from within.

We believe the best skincare is a well-balanced gut microbiome, nourished body, and a calm mind.