Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about Glow Biome. 

Does Glow Biome need to be refrigerated? 

Nope! Glow Biome does not need to be refrigerated. It is designed to maintain its potency through expiry when kept in a room temperature, dry place. 

In fact, if a probiotic does not survive at room temperature outside of the refrigerator, it can reflect weak stability of the product, low viable organism count, or inadequate overages in formulation.

That said, you can extend its shelf life by refrigerating it, if desired, but it’s totally not necessary, and when used consistently as directed for best results, you won’t need to worry about extending the shelf life.


How should I store Glow Biome?

It is best to keep Glow Biome in a dry place at ambient or cool temperature, for example a kitchen cabinet (not over the stove). Do not store Glow Biome in the bathroom, due to the heat and humidity, or on a windowsill, due to the heat and light, which will decrease potency. Be sure to replace and tighten the cap after each use.


How long does it take for Glow Biome to work?

Every body is different! Probiotics work by reseeding the gut with good bacteria, and their benefits and effects compound over time. While some people notice subtle improvements in gut health within a few days, and skin health within a few weeks, most people require at least four weeks to see initial results. Most studies on probiotics, including our own independent clinical trial, suggest optimal results occur after 12 weeks.

Because the improvements happen gradually, we recommend taking photos and keeping a symptom log (including bowel movements frequency and quality, bloating frequency and severity, number and severity of breakouts, etc.) once a month. It’s way easier to notice even subtle changes over time this way, and it helps to keep up the routine!


How to know if probiotics are working?

The best way to know if probiotics are working is to observe and track any changes in bowel frequency and quality, bloating frequency and severity, and number and severity of pimples on a weekly or monthly basis. While some people notice a quick improvement, for others, the changes are more gradual. Typically, people observe gut changes first, and then skin changes later on, as the skin needs time to reflect the deeper work happening internally. Probiotics work best when taken consistently over a long period of time. Unfortunately, they do not work overnight. 

For best results, pair probiotics with an overall healthy diet, filled with ample fiber from vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and legumes, adequate water, daily movement, and gentle, natural skincare.


Is it normal to get bloated from probiotics? |  Is it normal to have loose stool from probiotics? 

While most people see a reduction in bloating and an improvement in bowel movement/regularity right away, some see an increase in bloating for several days up to two weeks and/or loose stool for a few days, as the body adjusts to the new bacteria. Although less than ideal, the bloating/loose stool is typically a good sign. It’s a signal that the probiotics are active and working to crowd out the less desirable bacteria. To mitigate these issues, reduce to one capsule a day or every other day, and slowly build up to two capsules daily. It’s also a good idea to take Glow Biome with or at the end of a meal as opposed to on an empty stomach if you’re experiencing sensitivity. 

If discomfort persists for more than 2 weeks, discontinue use. 


Can I keep Glow Biome in my pill organizer?

We don’t recommend this, as probiotics are sensitive to light. Our jar is designed to protect your Glow Biome, so your capsules should be stored in it. If you’re taking a quick trip and have a dark-colored, opaque container, that’s alright.


Can men take Glow Biome?

Yes, of course men can take Glow Biome! We all deserve clear, healthy skin from the inside out.


Can teenagers (13+) take Glow Biome?

Yes, healthy teenagers can take Glow Biome, but as with all supplements, we always recommend speaking with your physician before consuming. Teenagers (or adults) who are seriously ill or who have a compromised immune system should talk to their health care provider before any new dietary supplement, including Glow Biome.


Can I take Glow Biome if pregnant or breastfeeding? 

Yes. Generally, probiotics and prebiotics do not appear to pose any safety concerns for pregnant and lactating women, as confirmed by

multiple studies. A number of organizations including the American Pregnancy Association have also suggested probiotic supplementation during pregnancy to be safe and even beneficial.

As with any dietary supplement or new health protocol contemplated during pregnancy or lactation, we recommend speaking with your physician before you start consuming Glow Biome. It’s always good to have a doc’s professional opinion, especially one that knows you and your pregnancy well.

Can I take Glow Biome if I’m taking prescription medication?

Although probiotics are generally considered safe and even beneficial while taking many medications, it is important to speak to your healthcare provider first before starting any supplement if you are taking any medication.


When Should I take Glow Biome? Should I take Glow Biome with food?

We recommend taking Glow Biome on an empty stomach or with your first meal of the day, whatever feels best for you. Thanks to our delayed-release capsule, Glow Biome can be taken at any time, but since consistency is key to seeing results, we recommend building it into your morning routine so that you don’t forget.


What happens if I miss a dose? Or a few doses?

There’s no harm if you miss a day, or even if you miss a few. But for optimal results, daily intake is encouraged.


What is the Expiration date? 

Because we are by the book, baby. You’ll notice that Glow Biome contains a manufacture date, but not an expiration date. Since this is our first production run of Glow Biome, we are following standard industry practices regarding stability. To determine the product's shelf life, we have initiated a real-time stability study in collaboration with our contract manufacturer, who is a NSF-certified facility and Eurofins, a highly reputable third-party testing laboratory. The bottom line? We take the potency and efficacy of our products very seriously.

At the time of production, our manufacturer incorporated sufficient overage based on their extensive experience so that the product remains viable for at least 2 years from the manufacturing date (i.e. September 2024). The ongoing stability study is designed to confirm this shelf life and once we receive the final results, it will be included on the bottle. Rest assured that our top priority is to deliver a high-quality, efficacious, and long-lasting product to our customers.


Do you do third-party testing on Glow Biome? 

Each batch of Glow Biome is tested for identity, purity, strength, and composition so we can be sure that what’s on the label is what’s in the capsules. We also complete third-party testing to ensure our products are compliant with regulations and guidelines for heavy metals, microbes, and major allergens and to help assure the quality and safety of our products. We even publish our certificate of analysis for every batch.

Additionally, we conducted an independent, third-party clinical trial for Glow Biome, the results of which you can see here.


Where and how is Glow Biome made?

All of our products are made in the USA in an NSF-certified facility. That means our manufacturer abides by the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and an independent, third-party verifies the purity and safety of each batch.



Do you ship to Asia or Africa? 

Currently, we do not ship to Asia or Africa, but are looking for a cost-effective solution to one day soon be able to deliver our products there. Please join our mailing list to be the first to know when we launch or send us a message with your country and we will reach out as soon as we have a cost-effective solution for you!


Do you ship to the Middle East?

Yes, we have an office in Dubai, so we can ship to the Middle East quickly. We took great care to transport Glow Biome to Dubai during winter months, to avoid extreme temperatures, to maintain the integrity of the product. 


Do you ship to the UK and Europe?

Yes, we ship to the UK & EU. To get your order to you, we've partnered with Passport Shipping and they will be the Seller for all orders to the UK for orders under £135, and orders to the EU for orders €150 and under.


Why is European/ International shipping so expensive? 

Shipping products from one country to another is costly, plus every country imposes its own duties and tariffs on imports, increasing shipping costs even more. We do not take any margin on the shipping price, and simply pass on carrier rates. To make shipping internationally more cost-effective, you can purchase a larger 2, 3, or 6-pack to last a few months.


How long does it take to ship?

When an order is placed, it takes our team 24 hours to get it processed, packed up, and ready to ship to you. Once an order is sent out, the shipping time varies by destination. 

For domestic orders in the US, the average time for free shipping is 2-7 business days.

For international orders, shipping time varies by destination, and averages 7-14 business days.


What is your 30 day risk-free guarantee?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund for your first bottle within 30 days of delivery of your first order. We’ll refund you for the full cost of the product less shipping. This applies to US orders. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns of international orders.

To start a return, email us at hello@kumaglow.co. 




What does Kuma mean?

Kuma signifies the unity between your s

Kin, gUt, microbioMe, and brAin.


At Kuma, we are focused on delivering products and education that support the gut-brain-skin axis to help you achieve clear, glowing skin from within. We believe the best skincare is a well-balanced gut microbiome, nourished body, and a calm mind.


What is Ingestible Skincare and how does it work? 

Ingestible skincare is any consumable product that supports healthy skin from the inside out. Food, probiotics, other supplements, and even our thoughts (stress pimples, anyone?!) all influence the health of our skin. It works because of the gut-brain-skin connection.


What is the Gut-Skin Connection?

The gut-skin axis refers to the connection between the gut microbiome and the skin. Your gut affects your skin and your skin affects your gut. (

1) Although you’ll often hear people talk just about the gut-skin connection or gut-skin axis, the truth is there is a third organ highly involved in this relationship: your brain. 

This tight-knit relationship between your gut, brain, and skin is the reason both food and stress can indeed break you out. It’s also the reason why probiotic supplements, like Glow Biome, can have a powerful effect on your skin.


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